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A Research Powerhouse.


Our research teams are top-ranked by Institutional Investor’s All-America Research survey.

Client Focused

We provide daily written reports, calls, meetings, webinars, group events, and seminars. And we offer interactive portals, as well as custom tailored research.

Global Perspective

We connect insights from around the world to deliver a detailed analysis of global trends. This macro awareness is particularly helpful in identifying inflection points. The synergy between our teams allows us to generate unique and comprehensive findings.

Our Sales & Trading team’s sole focus is to help clients best utilize our research products in actionable ways.


Veteran traders with over 100 years of combined experience serving clients.


We handle transactions through multiple exchanges and dark pools, and with more than ten algorithmic trading providers.


We are FIX compliant with all Order Management Systems. Our processes prevent data leakage, and ensure our clients’ anonymity.


We do not engage in proprietary trading or investment banking, thus removing potential conflicts of interest.


FINRA registered broker-dealer, offering cash equity and listed options agency-only trading execution services to institutional investors.



Desk Analysts

Conflicts of interest


April 2013

Nancy Lazar, Roberto Perli, and Andy Laperriere launch Cornerstone Macro.

July 2014

We open our trading desk and execute our first order.

September 2014

We host our first annual macro conference.

March 2015

Carter Worth joins Cornerstone Macro as our Chief Technician.

August 2015

Danny Kirsch joins Cornerstone Macro to launch our Options Strategy & Trading desk.

September 2017

We initiate energy research under the guidance of Jan Stuart.

June 2018

Cornerstone Macro moves into its new office space.

January 2019

Michael Kantrowitz becomes Cornerstone Macro’s Head of Portfolio Strategy.

February 2019

Peter Naso becomes Cornerstone Macro’s Desk Strategist.

June 2019

Victor Cossel joins Cornerstone Macro as our TMT Desk Analyst.

Dedicated Client Service.

We select from the best analysts. Our analysts are committed to delivering objective, actionable conclusions, fitting each client’s investment process.

Founding Partners

Nancy Lazar

Nancy Lazar

Chief Economist

Nancy R. Lazar leads the Economic Research team of Cornerstone Macro. Nancy’s work is known for being comprehensive, highly-detailed and unbiased.

Roberto Perli

Roberto Perli

Head of Global Policy

oberto heads global policy research. His experience crafting and implementing monetary policy at the U.S. Federal Reserve lends him unique insight into an extremely important force in today’s markets.

Andy Laperriere, CFA

Andy Laperriere, CFA

Head of US Policy

Andy Laperriere is head of US Policy Research for Cornerstone Macro in Washington, DC, where he analyzes the market implications of policy and political developments.