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Oct 14th 2021: Cornerstone Macro Joins Piper Sandler

Cornerstone Macro empowers our investors with focused, best-in-class macro research. Our top-ranked analysts utilize independent processes that provide impartial insights into critical research areas:

  • Economics
  • Policy


  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Energy/ESG
  • Options & Trading Commentary
  • Economics
  • Policy
  • Technical Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Energy/ESG
  • Options & Trading Commentary

Founded in 2013, our analysts produce market sensitive reports on economic trends, policy actions, and political developments. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and most of our analysts have achieved a top ranking from Institutional Investor’s All-American Research Team for much of the past decade. Our offices in New York City and Washington, D.C. proudly serve clients across the globe.


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⁦Great chart from CSM Eco’s @JakeOubina⁩ highlighting the enormous gap between sticky and flexible inflation measures.

This isn’t stagflation.

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