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Excited to join @MariaBartiromo and @dagenmcdowell on @MorningsMaria to discuss the STRONGEST CONSUMER FREE CASH FLOW in history and what it means for #stocks and @realDonaldTrump. Free cash flow + savings + low energy costs = strong consumer! Tune in at 6:30am ET on @FoxBusiness

Powell will likely say tomorrow that the Fed will support the repo market as long as needed. But the need is diminishing: After year-end, the balance sheet has stalled and the Fed has just substituted permanent liquidity for temporary liquidity. Expect this to continue. #FOMC

Regional PMI surveys suggest meaningful upside for the ISM in January. Kansas & Richmond were noteworthy - both up despite their exposure to Boeing's supply chain. Still waiting for Chicago, but for now our model points to a 5 point gain (I'll take half that!) #economics #PMI

With the large 1-day moves in China-focused ETFs on the #Coronavirus, @danny_kirsch compared the current cost of 2-week straddles to the recent moves. Even with vol increasing and China's mkt closed, he thinks there is value in owning short-dated gamma in the ETFs.

Kantro’s favorite Consumer group for 2020 is Specialty Retailers, which should benefit from a bump in Consumer Free Cash Flow caused by lower rates and gas prices. For a list of consumer names that screen well on the F-Score Info@cormacteam.com. #consumer #specialtyretail

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