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We upgraded Staples $XLP and Utilities $XLU. It’s time to add some defense back into the portfolio after a 42% rebound in stocks and more complicated market outlook in H2/2020. Defense has lagged massively over the past 3 months and now has the cheapest P/E in over a decade.

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday July 7th, @ 9am EDT for this week's "Catching up with Carter" webinar. Institutional investors: please contact info@cormacteam.com to register.

Concentration of capital is increasingly extreme. We present 4 alternatives for those neither wanting to chase extended/crowded winners, nor wanting to wallow in laggards, forever hoping that they’ll deliver some alpha.. Institutional Investors email info@cormacteam.com for more.

The July 4th weekend, I’m celebrating an All-American innovative capex cycle.

Capex broadens job opportunities and drives down poverty.

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