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Today: @csm_research on #China 6% GDP "it’s something closer to 3.0%. We come to this conclusion via China’s monthly data, retail sales, auto sales, exports, etc. 2018/2019 slowdown is now old news. @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness

Congratulations to Cornerstone’s II Top Ranked Analyst! Nancy Lazar (Economics), Carter Worth (Technical Analysis), Andy Laperriere (Washington Research) were all ranked the #2 analyst in their respective category and Michael Kantrowitz (Portfolio Strategy) came in as a runner up

In his report today, Roberto Perli highlights monetary policy is not nearly as powerful as it used to be as it is not equipped to solve the structural problems that plague today’s economies. #Fed #Rates #Stocks

Aneta Markowska highlights that for the second time this expansion, weak cyclicals have failed to take down the broader economy. Cyclical sectors are a much smaller share of the economy or S&P than they used to be in the past. #economics #GDP #cyclicals

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