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CSM Trading Desk Update

CSM Trading Desk Update


Cornerstone Macro has just passed its one year anniversary and we are thrilled to announce another major milestone. Beginning on July 2nd, our equity trading desk will be open for business. We are excited about the addition of our equity trading desk which is part of the long-term growth strategy of Cornerstone Macro.  As a high touch service desk it will allow us to meet the needs of our growing customer account base and compliment the research services.

Our CSM team has grown to 35 professionals in research, sales, and now trading. Brian Knapp, who was formerly the head trader at Susquehanna, will be heading up our trading desk. He will be joined by Bill Reilly and Brian Byrne.

The support from all of our clients has been overwhelming and we sincerely thank you for helping to make Cornerstone the go-to name in Macro. We strive every day to deliver the most insightful, independent research on the Street and we are grateful that you have allowed us to become an integral part of your investment process.


François, Andy, Nancy and Roberto