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Cornerstone Macro is dedicated to providing best-in-class economic, policy, and strategy research to institutional investors and is committed to delivering a focused, independent and unbiased macro research product. Our goal is to become an integral part of our clients’ investment process.
Cornerstone Macro
Nancy Lazar and team deliver forward-looking and detail-oriented research that spans both the U.S. and the global economies.
Cornerstone Macro | Economic Research
Policy specialists Andy Laperriere and Roberto Perli bring extensive congressional and central bank experience to their roles as co-chairs of the policy team.
Cornerstone Macro | Policy Research
Michael Kantrowitz and the Portfolio Strategy team provide forward-looking and actionable portfolio strategies with an emphasis on cyclical trends and the business cycle.
Cornerstone Macro | Portfolio Strategy
Carter Worth and his team provide technical appraisals of equities, currencies, commodities and interest rates worldwide, making actionable Buy and Sell judgements on a regular basis both in print and on a bespoke basis.
Cornerstone Macro | Technical Analysis
Cornerstone Macro’s team of volatility specialists focus on listed equity option markets, publishing actionable trade recommendations, structuring custom portfolio hedges, and running single stock vol analysis for clients.
Cornerstone Macro | Options Strategy & Trading
Energy analysts Jan Stuart, Ed Westlake, and team provide energy macro analysis and coverage on 20+ energy names.
Cornerstone Macro | Energy Research


Nancy Lazar and team forecast global economic trends and provide detailed analysis on macroeconomic data.


Policy specialists Andy Laperriere and Roberto Perli and their team analyze the market and economic implications of policy actions and political developments.

Portfolio Strategy

Head Of Portfolio Strategy Michael Kantrowitz provides forward-looking and actionable investment insights across global financial markets.

Technical Analysis

Technical analyst Carter Braxton Worth and his team appraise chart patterns for equities, currencies, commodities and fixed income securities worldwide.

Options Strategy and Trading

Cornerstone Macro’s Options Strategy and Trading team is comprised of 4 derivatives specialists, who focus on listed equity option markets.

Energy Macro

Energy analyst Jan Stuart and team provide energy macro analysis, along with geopolitical expertise.

About Cornerstone Macro

Cornerstone Macro was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing best-in-class research to institutional investors.  It is committed to delivering a focused, independent, and unbiased macro research product.  Currently, Cornerstone Macro offers economic, policy, equity strategy, options strategy, technical analysis, and energy research, as well as equity and options trading.   Most of Cornerstone Macro’s analysts are and have been among the top-ranked analysts on Institutional Investor’s All-American Research Team for much of the past decade.

Cornerstone Macro aims to become an integral part of its clients’ investment process.  The firm employs research analysts, institutional salespeople, and sales traders at its offices in New York City and in Washington, DC.  Cornerstone Macro serves clients in the US, Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia, and Latin America.